5 Strategies to Improve Search Engine Ranking

October 25, 2018

Your search engine ranking plays a significant role in the amount of traffic your website receives. If you get listed on the second or third page of Google, potential customers might not ever find your site. Because of that, you need to use some marketing strategies to improve your search engine ranking. These strategies are relatively easy to implement so you can start moving up in the rankings immediately.

1. Promote Your Social Networks

S5 strategies to improve seoearch engines take social actions into account when ranking websites. Because of that, you need to build robust social networking profiles and give people a reason to "like," "tweet," and share your content. Just make sure your social networking accounts tie into your website, so you move up in the rankings. Also, if you are a local business, include your business name and address on social networking sites. Referred to as a citation, it gives your profile some extra weight with the search engines.

2. Update Often

Search engines typically give higher rankings to websites that update content on a regular basis. If you've had the same old website up for the last year, you might take a dip in the rankings. Put a blog on your site and update it on a daily basis. Also, update your social networking profiles. In the end, you should be putting several pieces of content on the web each day. This fresh content helps you improve your search engine ranking.

3. Check Load Times

As companies become more adept at search engine optimization, search engines are focusing more and more on the user experience. That means increasing your site's load times can improve your search engine ranking. Faster load times make your site's visitors happy. The happier they are, the longer they stay on your site. Making this improvement can increase your ranking and your resulting sales.

4. Use Keywords in Anchor Text

Marketers often make the mistake of hyperlinking "Click Here" when creating a link. Use keywords in your anchor text. Search engines take note of the keywords you use in links. Because of that, you are more likely to rank for those keywords. That helps your site move up in the rankings.

5. Submit Your Site to Directories

Don't forget about directories when you work to move up in the rankings. Choose directories that have a high page rank, such as the Open Directory Project (also known as DMOZ), which can help you move up in the rankings. It's important to note that it may take directories days or weeks to index your site. Once it's indexed, you begin to reap the benefits.

If you own an eCommerce site, you know that improving your search engine rankings is a constant battle. Once you make it to the top, you have to work to stay there. Because of that, it is essential that you have some solid strategies in place. Use these different techniques, and you begin the process of securing your spot at the top.