5 Tips to Secure More Local Business Clients

December 8, 2018

Local marketing is proving to be a huge growth area. Small businesses want to expand their digital footprint, but often don't have the expertise to reach their target audience. If you can grow a significant client list, it is possible to establish yourself within the industry. Finding the right type of clients can be difficult and you may struggle to initially make a mark in the local area. The following strategies have proven successful for allowing companies to build strong relationships with solid businesses.

local business

Build a Recognized Brand

To become recognized as a quality brand, it is important to gain prominent positions in the search engines. You also want to build a social network that is active and easy to find. Investing in paid ads, including a retargeting campaign, ensures potential clients become familiar with your brand.

Encourage Referrals

Referrals from existing clients are among the best recommendations you can receive. Most business owners have relationships with other local entrepreneurs, so they will naturally speak about their experiences. If one entrepreneur is happy with the job you have done, they will often recommend you to an associate. You can encourage these referrals even further by providing incentives for referrals. In exchange for a referral that leads to a new client, you could offer a free month, a video marketing campaign, or some social media promotion.

Be Active in Local Groups

Anywhere local groups congregate offers the chance to secure new clients. These groups can be online or offline, though, so you have to research where your target clients are likely to be. Local business gatherings can prove successful, with long-term relationships being forged first. Alternatively, you may find active Facebook groups in your area, offering the chance to provide value and grow your reputation. In many cases, you don't need to actively promote yourself as most people know someone who could benefit from your product or services. 

Use Facebook Ads

There are many different types of ads you could target, but Facebook will probably be your most successful option. Facebook has a huge user base, with the ability to target precise group of people. You could cater your ads to business owners in your local area, creating ads and landing pages that speak to these audiences. Facebook is also a good platform as the ad costs are usually quite low when you are targeting a group with low competition.

Develop a Plan for Targeting Businesses

Some simple research will usually uncover a number of businesses that could use your help. When you find appropriate targets, develop a brief plan that could be proposed to these businesses. Being able to show what you can do for people will often go a lot further than simply pitching your services.