Why Your Business Should Be On YouTube

online vidsNovember 6, 2015

One thing is for certain, you have to accept the fact that even if you are just starting your own business you already have several competitors. This shouldn't stop you from venturing out and trying new things when it comes to your business though.

One thing you can do to stand out is to maximize the use of the social networking sites - one in particular - YouTube. YouTube can help you leverage a variety of audiences, at any given time, and get your business noticed in the market, and sometimes even globally. Having an online presence on YouTube is a great advantage for your business.

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Preparing for your meeting with a web designer

first meetingOctober 6, 2015

So, you're ready to get started on your website? Great!

...Or are you?

To make sure that you are completely prepared, you either need to have certain items ready or have answers to some important questions so you can make the most out of your first meeting with a web designer.

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Safety Tips for Facebook

facebook safetySeptember 27, 2015

Worried about your safety and privacy when using Facebook?
You're not alone.

Facebook is the fastest growing social media platform out there. Don't sit back hoping for the best and expecting the worst. There are features built into Facebook to help you keep your information more secure. Social media should be fun and it can be if you follow some simple steps to protect yourself and the information you share on Facebook.

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