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Safety Tips for Facebook

facebook safetySeptember 27, 2015

Worried about your safety and privacy when using Facebook?
You're not alone.

Facebook is the fastest growing social media platform out there. Don't sit back hoping for the best and expecting the worst. There are features built into Facebook to help you keep your information more secure. Social media should be fun and it can be if you follow some simple steps to protect yourself and the information you share on Facebook.

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Social Media Image Size Guidelines

August 17, 2015

social sizesThe visual content that you share on social media all requires the right sizing and dimensions for your images to be viewed properly. Your posts are a direct relection of you and your business, afterall.

Social media changes pretty often, so it's up to you to keep up with the requirments for each social media channel. We've provided a guideline below to help you. Please keep in mind, these are valid at the time of this writing and could change anytime.

Consider this your cheat sheet. We've even included a downloadable version for you at the bottom.

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Template vs. Custom Design

custom vs templateJuly 7, 2015

There are a number of ways to design your website: you can hire a professional; choose a free template and modify it; buy a template and modify it, or use a design that comes with a WYSIWYG editor. Website templates are pre-designed site layouts that only need minor tweaks plus some original content. While these usually require little time to get up and running, are web templates really the best option for you? Typically, the answer is “NO” in the vast majority of cases. Template based websites may perform the basic functions you may initially need but there are some disadvantages in the long run.

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